We have been creating and selling unique jewelry since 1988!

Along with traditional fine jewelry, our shop is filled with antique and vintage treasures ... our customers are encouraged to visit, try on and explore in an unhurried, low-pressure environment akin to rummaging through grandma's jewelry box.

If you have an idea in mind or are looking for something personalized talk to our staff to explore the infinite possibilities of custom design ... precious metals, colored gemstones, diamonds, pearls and more can be crafted into the piece of your dreams.

We have price points for every budget! Along with the high-end merchandise featured in our photo galleries, our shop has many affordable pieces of costume and sterling silver jewelry. 

If you are from out of town, please feel free to shop online by browsing our photo galleries and call us or email us for pricing and shipping information.

Our founder, Jerry Freid, sadly, passed away in 2017. Jerry grew up in his mother’s jewelry and optometry shop in the Highland Park area of Dallas, Texas. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UT Austin, Jerry was an artist and welder by trade. After a stint with Zale's Corporation, he hung out his own shingle over 40 years ago. When asked how he first got into the business, he would answer with a chuckle, “so I could eat!“ 

For many years, Jerry worked alongside his wife, Nancy; his black poodle, Zoe; and the MSJ staff, who all shared his passion for fine jewelry and customer service. 

Now that Jerry is gone, we continue his legacy. His final request was that Nancy keep the family business thriving and -- along with the staff -- she is doing just that. 

We strive to ensure that everything you love about MSJ is still the same it was when Jerry was here. We have the same artisans and corporate culture ...  (the only thing we are missing is Jerry).